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Study Says Self-Driving Electric-Powered Vehicles Will Be Premier Means Of Transportation

The future of driving could be here sooner than most of us think and what the future looks like could similarly be surprising. According to a recent study by a California-based think tank group, some 95 percent of vehicles on the road by 2030 will be self-driving. Think that’s a lofty prediction? Then continue reading to better understand the changes going on within the industry.

According to a September 2017 study from RethinkX, electric and self-driving vehicles will become the norm in a little more than a decade from now. While gasoline-powered vehicles will still exist, the study finds that they will most likely be used less and will more so be seen in rural regions compared to urban ones. Per the RethinkX survey of the future of the automotive landscape, the sharing of self-driving vehicles will take off while self-owned gasoline-powered cars will similarly decrease.

However, not everyone in the automotive industry is buying these predictions and the explosion of electric vehicles – if it takes off at all – apparently won’t be as great as the predicted usage rates in Asia and Europe. In fact, one consulting firm absolutely contested the claims made in the study and told a news outlet that self-driving shared vehicles will represent 1 percent of all overseas miles driven by 2025. “I think the RethinkX report is wildly optimistic on virtually all fronts,”a Navigant consulting official told news outlet Quartz. That statement stands in sharp contrast to the study and is certainly of interest, according to leading automotive detailing products provider ECP Incorporated. It should be said that ECP Incorporated has no horse in this race, so to speak, and the company’s top-notch detailing products will be put to use regardless of which type of motor is powering the vehicle.

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