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Chinese Auto Maker’s Interest In Buying Jeep Brand A Sign Of Automotive Industry Strength

When news broke in August 2017 that Chinese SUV manufacturer Great Wall Motors was interested in purchasing the Jeep line of vehicles held by Fiat Chrysler, it was seen by many as prime move for the Chinese company looking to expand its strength and global reach. According to The Los Angeles Times, there hasn’t actually been a formal announcement of the bid, although spokespeople for the company later confirmed the intentions of the company. In fact, Great Wall earlier this year expressed its ambitions to become “top specialty SUV producer by 2020,” according to the Times report. The state of Jeep is that it’s for sale, Fiat Chrysler’s CEO said because the brand is unable to complete due to high development and marketing costs. However, a statement offered in August 2017 by Fiat Chrysler noted that the company had not been in contact with Great Mall Motors in regards to a sale.

According to the Times, Great Wall sold approximately 1.1 million SUVs in 2016; Jeep clocked in with 1.4 million. While the difference in income is a bit more dramatic – Great Wall’s $14.4 billion compared to Fiat Chrysler’s global revenue of $118 billion – talk of a sale is a positive industry indicator, ECP Incorporated officials note. The company, which has been in the automotive detailing products industry for nearly five decades, primarily deals with car dealerships as clients. Great Wall taking on the Jeep line does two things: The Chinese auto maker is ensured a popular and time-honored new line of vehicles and this means a boost to the company’s bottom line. With more vehicles rolling off assembly lines, an international company like ECP Incorporated is also bound to benefit. That’s because it has international ties and assists wholesale automotive buyers and dealers in their search for top-shelf detailing products. From the rims to the headlights and upholstery, ECP Inc reviews also show that this company has much to offer the marketers of new vehicles who sell to the public. After all, aren’t customers more likely to spring for a car, truck, RV, motorcycle or other powersports vehicle if it looks like it just left the factory?

As for the possible Great Wall-Fiat Chrysler deal, the Times adds that the former is interested in pursuing a “globalization strategy.” Such a goal will reportedly be met through technology improvements in hopes of meeting safety standards in the U.S Further, Great Wall’s turn to solely working on SUVs occurred approximately one decade ago so it’s interest in Jeep vehicles – which often appeal to the off-road minded – simply makes sense as a complimentary product.

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